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Location of the project: Senica, industrial park Kaplinské Pole
Title: Processing of glass and foundry sands
Short description of project: The processing plant in Senica will process sand extracted from the reserved deposit in Borský Peter and Šajdíkove Humence. The sand will be extracted and transported to the processing plant, where it will be cleaned of undesirable impurities and additives, dried and classified into desired fractions. Thus classified, the sand will be delivered to customers in dry state through tanker trucks or packed into bags. Usage of the sand is due to its unique quality primarily in the foundry and glass industry.
Name and address of recipient: NAJPI, a.s., Drobného 27, 841 01 Bratislava
The start date and end date of the project: Start 1.1. 2014, Completion 30.06.2015
Management authority: Ministry of Economy
Operational Programme: Competitiveness and Economic Growth
Priority 1: Innovation and growth of competitiveness
Measure 1.1: Innovation and technology transfers
Sub-measure 1.1.1.: support innovation and technology transfer
The amount of contribution: 4 999 999 ,46 €