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About us

Our company Najpi a.s. is active in extraction and processing of glass and foundry sand. Extraction is being planned in site ​​Borský Peter and Šajdíkove Humence. This is a site with best quality raw material of its kind in Slovakia. The quality of classified sand is determined by laboratory testing. Tests determine grain size of the individual grains and also chemical analysis. Najpi a.s. obtained results of laboratory tests focused on quality of sand and these tests unambiguously confirmed the highest expectations. Grain size varies from 0.1 to 1.2 mm. The fact that the material of our mining area is of high quality means that the processing and finishing of the final product will reduce costs for manufacturers of castings. The plant for processing, refinement and final dispatch of this product will be situated in industrial park Senica. Thus, the advantage is not only the quality of raw materials, but also excellent logistics for all customers. The company will sell extracted and processed raw material not only in Slovakia but also in neighbouring countries. Najpi a.s. built its strategy on cooperation with long-time experts. CEO of the company, Mr. Peter Ponca has been active in the area of extraction and processing of sand in various managerial positions for more than thirty years. Combining of high quality deposit and good management is the guarantee of success of the company at home and abroad. O_SPOLOCNOSTI_328x350.jpg